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Bomber Jackets; Stylish & Safe To Wear

Currently, big, beefy guys are wearing them. These days, the girls are wearing them too. And don’t you ever go calling them butch or toy boys. So ladylike they may be, they’ll still be able to give you a biff on the nose. And that’s only if they’re in a good mood and, of course, you’re lucky. You’ll be lucky to get away from something so nasty it qualifies as road rage. Not that these guys and girls will ever be guilty and party to this. 

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The thing is, they’re responsible road users. And one of the responsibilities to do with good driving on busy roads is to always keep your focus and never lose your cool. These guys and girls are more. They’re keen motorcycling enthusiasts, so keen they are, they’re driving away their weekends on souped up Harleys and Kawasaki 750s. As responsible motorcyclists, they always try to club together.

And while the motorcycle apparel makes them look really cool, it also keeps them pretty warm. You need this if you’re driving open air like them. You need to be comfortable while you’re driving. Not doing so, keeping to a comfort zone and never losing your cool, could lead to you losing your focus and who knows what next could happen. If they’re driving at night, and a lot of them do, they’ll be wearing those bright red orange vests over their bombers.

Okay, so this doesn’t look so cool. It kind of makes you look like the crossing guard at your old school. But the thing is, it’s keeping you safe at night. On a dark, open road, deep into the night, hardly a soul will miss you. And that’s good. So engines on, counting down, and helmets on.